My Personality Radar

Saat membuka facebook, banyak orang yang share hasil test kepribadiannya di Saya pun iseng-iseng melihat hasil test kepribadian. Dan berikut ini adalah hasilnya :



Communicate (5.5)

  • You can be reserved but that does not prevent you from expressing your opinion in public or to new people.

  • Your attention is selective. You are open but do not systematically pay attention to new ideas.

  • You are able to tactfully express your ideas.You are not taken aback by situations of conflict when they arise.

  • You do not naturally want to impose your opinions and persuade others.

Manage (5.3)

  • You are influential and like to make decisions in a group. You find it easy to assume the role as a leader.

  • You do not naturally seek responsibility, you may find it difficult to commit to a project which you don’t feel a part of.

  • You are methodical and organized but are also flexible when faced with unexpected circumstances.

  • You have a keen eye for details and like to get down to precise assignments, you can sometimes lack objectivity.

Dare (5)

  • You trust your ability to succeed and are in no doubt about your potential.

  • You do not appreciate criticism and like to trust the opinion of the majority.

  • You show originality but without questioning established procedures.

  • You do not like working without clear guidelines and instructions. You like sharing your achievements.

Adapt (6)

  • You prefer to avoid stressful situations, you may find it hard to manage pressure.

  • You like to analyze situations and give yourself the time to make a decision. You may sometimes lack spontaneity.

  • You are able to look ahead to the future and wait to enjoy the benefits of your actions. You favor the long term over the short term.

  • You like to maintain a certain independance but you can follow the instructions of your supervisor.

Excel (5)

  • You prefer to adapt your ambitions to difficulties encountered, even if it means not meeting your initial target.

  • You wish to progress at your own pace. You do not attempt to climb the professional ladder at all costs.

  • You are not afraid of hard work even if you like to keep time for yourself.

  • You are not scared of rivalry but you prefer to cooperate rather than compete with others.

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